We are a technology-led industrial automation, scientific instrumentation research and development, manufacturing company, our goal is to be an innovative, technology leading, best performing, well-trusted company. 

    Who we are

    CHINASIMBA was founded in 2004, who is the world's first terahertz 120GHz radar level instrument designer and manufacturer. In the past 16 years,we are focused on designing, manufacturing industrial automation products. 

    Our product range covers pulse radar, doppler radar, guidedwave radar, FMCW radar, 120GHz terahertz FMCW radar level transmitter, 3D level scanning volume management system, high accuracy magnetostrictive level gauging. Based on strong R&D capabilities, CHINASIMBA is keeping researching and devloping industrial products for customers from all over the world.

    What we do

    We aim to bring differentiated, innovative, high-quality indutrial automation products and scientific instruments with our technical know-how and talented team. 

    As your partner, we deserved rich experience in development and application to help you keep advantages against competitors. For developments, we own strong teams of development and really settle our mind down to action. For production, with the increasing of application, the principle of high-quality always in our minds in order to forward footsteps of China in radar. As so far, we have provided industrial technologies and technical services for the customers from all over the world, such as the Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and so on.

    As a part of radar level intruments manufacturers in the world, we are not only commited to provide high quality products and technologies, but also provide professional technical services worldwide for our customers. 

    ? Chinasimba 2004 - 2020
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