As a worldwide radar level technologies provider and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our mission is to develop our reputation as the value-added integrator of OEM expertise for the benefit of our customers. Through our unique know-how and dedicated skills, CHINASIMBA provides expertise by developing original solutions, original products and original equipment manufacturers.

    Our process of OEM service is divided to four major sections: sales engineering, production control and materials handling, fabrication, quality control and shipment. The scope of OEM covers New Product Introduction (NPI, which is only for ODM projects), private labeling, customized logo on display, customized housing structure and appearance, customized antenna etc. 

    Your benefits

    • You could freely customize the product to a certain degree within the capabilities of technique.
    • Save time and money on product development to gain high-quality products.
    • Time to market, a shorter development cycle of product to abstain market share.
    ? Chinasimba 2004 - 2020
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